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Exclusive Custom Safari Tours to Kruger Park, Sabi Sands, Timbavati & MoreSafari Tours

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Safaris in Africa

Customised  African Safaris and self-drives in  South Africa

Journey with Luhambo through the Wilds of Africa with our expert team of Safari enthusiasts who are ready to make your Safari dreams a reality. We are passionate about conservation and responsible tourism, ensuring that your safari experience is fully immersive while maintaining minimal impact on the environment and the wildlife that inhabit it.

We understand that every traveller is unique, and so are their safari aspirations. That’s why we customise each itinerary to meet your specific requirements. Whether you’re seeking a luxury lodge experience, an adventurous self-drive tour, or a guided group safari, we provide the best advice and planning to make your trip logistically feasible and unforgettable.

  • Personalised Itineraries: Each safari is crafted based on your interests, budget and travel style. From family-friendly safaris to romantic getaways, we tailor every detail to ensure a perfect match.
  • Expert Guides: Our knowledgeable guides are passionate about African wildlife and ecosystems, providing insights and stories that enrich your safari experience.
  • Sustainable Practices: We prioritise eco-friendly accommodations and sustainable tourism practices to protect the natural beauty and wildlife of Africa.

Our Recommended South African Safari Tours

To inspire your journey, we have curated some recommended safari itineraries that showcase the diverse beauty of Southern Africa:

10 Day Safari to Kruger National Park, South Africa

Experience the incredible biodiversity and iconic wildlife of Kruger National Park. Enjoy game drives, bush walks, and the chance to see the Big Five. You will also have chance to witness the majestic beauty of one of the world’s largest waterfalls, combined with thrilling activities like white-water rafting and helicopter tours. And finally, explore the vibrant culture, stunning scenery, and rich history of Cape Town. Visit Table Mountain, the Cape Winelands and the picturesque coastline.


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12 Day Self Drive Safari Tour

Explore iconic landmarks like Table Mountain, the Cape Peninsula and local wine farms. Journey through the picturesque Garden Route with stops in Swellendam and Plettenberg Bay, offering stunning coastal views, beaches, and nature reserves. The adventure culminates with a thrilling Big Five safari in the Eastern Cape, where you’ll enjoy game drives and luxurious accommodations. This tour combines city exploration, scenic drives, and wildlife encounters for a comprehensive South African experience.


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Safari Tour Highlights

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, one of Africa's largest game reserves, spans nearly 20,000 square kilometres in northeastern South Africa. Renowned for its incredible biodiversity, Kruger is home to the iconic Big Five which are lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo. Visitors can explore the park through guided tours, self-drives or walking safaris, offering a range of experiences from luxury lodges to rustic campsites. The park's varied landscapes, from savannas to dense forests, support over 500 bird species and a myriad of other wildlife. Other key attractions include the Sabie River, the scenic Panorama Route, and historical sites like Masorini and Thulamela. The Kruger National Park promises an unforgettable safari adventure, blending stunning natural beauty with rich wildlife encounters.

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Sabi Sands Nature Reserve

Adjacent to the Kruger National Park, the Sabi Sands Nature Reserve which is a premier private game reserve famed for its luxury lodges and exceptional wildlife viewing. Covering 65,000 hectares, Sabi Sands offers an intimate safari experience with exclusive access to the Big Five and frequent sightings of elusive leopards. The reserve's traversing rights with Kruger enhance wildlife encounters, while off-road driving ensures up-close views. Expert guides and trackers provide deep insights into animal behaviour and ecology. The lush landscapes, interspersed with rivers and waterholes, create perfect conditions for photography and birdwatching. Sabi Sands is ideal for those seeking a luxurious and immersive safari, where every detail is tailored to create unforgettable moments.

Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

The Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, part of the Greater Kruger Park, spans over 53,000 hectares of pristine wilderness. Known for its rare white lions, Timbavati offers a unique safari experience where conservation and luxury converge. Guests can enjoy game drives and walking safaris led by knowledgeable guides, providing some more opportunities to see the big five and a diverse array of other wildlife. The reserve's landscape varies from open plains to dense bush, supporting rich biodiversity. Timbavati’s commitment to conservation ensures that your visit not only delivers thrilling wildlife encounters but also contributes to the preservation of this remarkable ecosystem.

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Robberg Nature Reserve

This reserve is located near Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape, is a coastal gem offering a blend of natural beauty and historical significance. The reserve features rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and diverse marine life, making it a haven for hikers, birdwatchers, and nature enthusiasts. The scenic Robberg Peninsula offers several hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to challenging routes, with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and opportunities to spot seals, dolphins, and even whales. Rich in archaeological sites, Robberg also provides insights into the area's ancient human history. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is perfect for those seeking a mix of adventure, relaxation, and natural splendour along South Africa’s Garden Route.

Knysna Elephant Park

This is situated between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay and offers a unique, ethical experience with Africa’s gentle giants. Established in 1994, the park provides a sanctuary for rescued elephants, allowing visitors to interact with these magnificent creatures in a safe and respectful environment. Guided tours offer educational insights into elephant behaviour, biology and conservation, with opportunities for hands-on encounters, such as feeding and walking with the elephants. The park’s commitment to animal welfare and conservation is evident in its efforts to rehabilitate and care for its residents. Without a doubt Knysna Elephant Park is an exceptional destination for those looking to learn about and support elephant conservation while enjoying a close up and personal experience with these majestic animals.

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Contact Our Safari Experts

These itineraries are just the beginning. Whether you have limited time to explore or plan an extensive safari, our team is here to help. We cater to all types of adventures, whether you want to stay within South Africa or travel to other Southern African countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, or Tanzania.

Speak to our team of safari experts to start planning your customised African journey. We are here to ensure that every detail is taken care of, from start to finish.

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